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The idea that a man should be only a bit more attractive than an ape is not so popular any more. A modern man should be confident, well-off and, besides, fashionable and masculine. Of course, nobody will demand from you to answer all these requirements, but if you want to be on the top of the world you will have to pay attention to them.

Keeping fit is one of the most difficult issues, as it requires time and effort. The question arises – where can the men find time and energy after a long and tense working day? The motivation should be really strong, so it is better to find some activity which deeply interests you and satisfies the needs of your body and your soul as well. In this aspect nothing can be better than single combats. Here are a few of them for you to choose from.

Capoeira is a Brazilian single combat which combines the elements of dance and music. Due to the impressive appearance of some techniques capoeira is often mistaken for a dance or acrobatic art. However, most of the movements are similar to those used in the martial maneuvers. In this combat kicks, punches and takedowns are used. This art will help you to train all groups of muscles. Besides it will develop your sense of rhyme and you will be definitely noticed on the dance floor. Besides, it is quite an exotic kind of combat, so your unusual activity will attract to you girls’ attention.

If you think that capoeira is too mild for real men, you may like Muay Thai, as this combat is more aggressive. Muay Thai has originated from Thailand and presents a fighting art of attrition and stand-up striking. It is a good way not only to keep fit and improve your physical skills but also an effective method to give a way to your aggression and tension, as the life in modern society provides lots of reasons to feel negative emotions and store them inside you. Besides, the thought that you can always protect yourself and people you love will make you more confident.

This article on single combats will not be full without mentioning of the most popular one, karate. This martial art was developed in Japan and it includes punching, kicking and knee strikes. In fact, different karate techniques (there are plenty of them) use different methods, and you may choose any style which suits you. Karate may be viewed as a sport, an art, a way of self-protection, a combat. But in the first place it is the method of self-development. If you decide to approach this art seriously, it will become your way of life, your style and your philosophy. Karate teaches to be peaceful and use strength only in cases when the conflict is completely unavoidable. This type of combat will bring you inner harmony and physical perfection; it will teach you how to remain calm in this mad world.

Make a single combat a part of your life and it will produce positive effect not only on your body, but on your whole life as well.