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It is prestigious to have personal transport, but in big cities it is not always convenient to go by car due to the high density of traffic and jams. Public transport may bring you to your destination faster and with less effort, and subway is the fastest way to achieve this result.

In urbane culture subway plays a significant role, no wonder that sometimes it is viewed like an art object. Of course, the main purpose of subway is to transport passengers from one place to another, but as huge crowds pass the subway stops every day the architects thought that it would be a good idea to decorate underground. While walking along long subway halls you can admire the exhibition of art works or learn the history of the place as some subway stops are turned into the copy of museums. There are subways stops situated all around the world which look like real masterpieces. Here are only some of them.

  1. Champ-de-Mars station in Montreal, Canada. On a sunny day the light enters the stained glass windows and the whole place looks spectacular. These windows present the most famous masterpiece of art created by a painter Marcelle Ferron .
  2. T-Centrallen Station in Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm subway has only three lines and the T-Centrallen is the core of this system. One part of this huge subway stop is decorated with Blue Line, a white and blue artwork created by the artists Vera Nisson and Siri Derkert. Nowadays modern painters have followed this example and performed their works of art in 90 metro stations of Stockholm.
  3. Bund Sightseeing Tunnel in Shanghai, China. It is not a metro stop but I feel that this list will not be full without this extraordinary example of urbane culture. While riding through this tunnel you can admire the lighting of all possible colors on its walls. The house music complements to the atmosphere of underground art.

4.Formosa Boulevard Station in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Here the “Dome of Light” which is known as the biggest public art installation in the world, is situated. The artist Narcissus Quagliata created this masterpiece by putting together pieces of colored glass which were delivered from Germany. The size of this work is really impressive – it has 30 meters in diameter. But, what is more important, the “Dome of Light” reveals great philosophical sense. It represents a human life from birth through the process of growing and development to final act of rebirth or destruction.

5.Changi Airport MRT Station in Singapore. This subway stop presents a tall glass atrium on each end of the hall. Due to the vertical circulation of levels a maximum amount of light enters the station. Te impression produced is not one of being under ground, but of being somewhere outdoors on a sunny day.

Subway is the fastest but at the same time pretty depressing way of transportation. Crowds of people, crushes, subway suicides, the lack of sun and air and terrorism do not add pleasant emotions to the journey. However, turning this way of transportation in the work of art protects people from at least a part of negative impact.