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In the modern democratic society the human rights are claimed to be the supreme value and they are protected in all possible ways. This principle is valid also for the judicial system. People who have committed various crimes should not be deprived of the essential human rights even when serving their sentence. Sometimes, however, the conditions of imprisonment look even better than the life of average citizens. Here is the list of prisons where every convict will feel completely at home.

Vestre Fangsel in Copenhagen, Denmark, comes the first. It is one of the oldest prisons in Denmark and there no less than five-year sentence is served. However, due to the exclusive conditions of this place these five or more years can become pretty pleasant ones. The prison is equipped with fitness center, library, medical facility and even a shop where you can buy practically everything except alcohol. It is also possible to receive proper course of education while serving the sentence. The guards bear no weapon. The policy of the government is not to degrade the prisoners and make them suffer as it is done in lots of other countries, but to deprive them of liberty which is viewed as the measure of compulsory treatment. The level of crime in Denmark proves that this method actually works.

Gelsenkirchen in Germany is one of the most modern prisons in Europe. The territory is divided into male and female zones with a big stadium between them. Each zone is provided with a church and a library. In the male zone there is also a school with IT courses and courses of German as the second language. The women, on the other hand, are allowed to walk outside the prison being under the supervision of the guards. There is a wide range of psychologists, teachers, managers and other social workers to help the prisoners to preserve the ability to lead normal life.

One of the most famous prisons in the world is Halden Fengsel, Norway. This prison is known for its humane and polite treatment of the convicts. Here you can find sound studio, cooking courses, graffiti decorations of the walls, a separate house for passing the night with relatives. The guard does not have not only weapon but the cuffs as well, and the external walls are covered with bricks to make them look less threatening. The interior of the cells remind the hotel rooms rather than a detention facility. It is interesting that this prison is created not only for some offenders but for the real murders and rapists as well. All of them can fill in application forms and tell about their preferences concerning the conditions of their imprisonment.

According to the statistics data, this mild regime established in some European prisons leads to the decrease of the level of crime. The humane attitude invokes the same humane behavior in return. It is possible, that when the criminal feels that his rights are treated with respect he learns to practice the same attitude towards the rights of other people. May be it is the principle of how the democratic society really works.