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After the release of the game Angry Birds the whole world was divided into two parts: those who play it and those who never play anything.

The creator of the game, Peter Vesterbacka is among “100 most influential people in the world” according to TIME magazine. He is responsible for development and marketing of ‘Angry Birds’ brand. During the last two years the game was downloaded 500 million times. It’s easy to explain the reasons of such popularity. You won’t find any philosophical meaning in this game: this is just a confrontation of birds and pigs. If you ponder over the meaning of the game name, the answer is simple. Birds are angry because pigs stole their food and took their homes, that’s why the birds protect their supplies. That’s it. And it hooks you up. Just two species that bump each other off.

At first, everything seems easy, but to get three stars you need to invest much effort. They say this game helps children to develop coordination and logic. Moreover thanks to this game kids get to know new technologies much faster. In addition, this is a good way to introduce older people to iPads and iPhones: they have nothing to do but to get the hang.

The developers say there won’t be many new animals in the game in the future, but the users will enjoy a number of new species of birds and pigs as far as a fresh décor and many new details. The birds will even fly into outer space!

For those who like table games more, there is a board version of ‘Angry Birds’. The rules are simple: there are two players who hold a position of pigs or little furious birds. The developers also think of creating toys and mention that it would be way funnier to look at children shooting from a slingshot with plush birds. And that will be awesome!