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People travel for several reasons. We all want a relax, we all want to warm up under the sun somewhere at the luxurious beach…But this doesn’t end the list of most popular reasons for traveling. Some women are so tired of their daily life (not only women, to be exact) that they want a vivid adventure. That is why they get involved into sex tourism. This stuff is highly popular now, but girls rarely think of the dangers they can get together with the new passionate lover and new emotions. Here are the three main dangers that sex tourist can meet while traveling for new experience.

1). Health problems. Never ever forget about the threat of sexually transmitted diseases. The aborigines of many countries with a developed sex tourism system (like Turkey and Egypt) dislike condoms. Sad, but it’s true that they are not fans of protected sex. So, girls, think of yourself and don’t forget about contraceptives. It will save your time and money you’ll have to spend on doctors and medicines.

2). Abuse. The number of sex tourists’ rapes is great. I would even say it’s huge. The fact is that all men in such countries know what women come for. So, they are not very kind and honest as they feel OK using some drugs to rape a woman. This is quite a problem, because it’s difficult to prove that you have had sex against your will. C’mon! You are a sex tourist, who can believe you if you come to the particular country exactly to have sex?

3). Affection. This problem is not physical, but it can be no less torturing than any physical pain. Do not fall in love, please! Only 5% of the men you can meet in your sex tour are really sincere with you. Others just want your money or body or both together. Falling in love you get into the deepest depression at home and this depression is connected with the man who even doesn’t deserve such sufferings. Do you travel to have a hot and impressing vacation? Then let it stay a vivid adventure at home with no moral pain and sincere attachment.

Anyway, girls, you are grown ups and it’s for you to decide whether you want a vacation like this. The other question is that you are involved into sexual intercourse with a person who doesn’t feel any respect towards you as a personality…Want this? Well, then good luck and be careful!