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One of the easiest and the most pleasant ways to lose weight and become fit is jogging. It seems like a perfect idea and it seems like you are not going to need any special training or additional information to do it right. But this is not true. Before you start jogging you need to take into account a couple of very important things, otherwise you will do yourself more harm than good.

First of all you need to remember that people suffering from all kinds of angina or tachycardia are not supposed to be running. Besides, it is a big stress for your locomotor system as every time your feet hit the ground your whole body gets kind of pushed. Running in a gym has a lot of disadvantages. It seems like there is no difference between jogging in a gym and in the street, except that it is more convenient to do it in a gym. But there is a huge difference: when you run and your body doesn’t move ahead it is even bigger stress for bones and joints. Professionals call it “lazy jogging”. Besides, as your body stays on the same spot, it messes with your weight distribution and causes micro-breaks in your muscles.

It is not recommended to lift knees too high when you run as it may cause varicose problems.

These things you should know and remember before you start jogging. Now I’d like to tell you little something about benefits of jogging.

When you run all the organs and tissues in your body work. Even ones that were sleeping before. It helps to excrete body waste with sweat, as well as salts. If you mind the rhythm and “listen” to your body while running, it is great for cardiovascular system; it enriches your body with oxygen. Running also makes your immune system stronger, increases your ability to fight diseases. Such things like cold, sore throat and running nose will disturb you very rarely; your lunges will become stronger.

More than that: doctors say that physical training helps to deal with bad mood and depression, it makes you feel uplifted. Running increases the input of happiness hormone.

You are going to need quality shoes for running, it is very important, to decrease the level of stress for your locomotor system.

Your running shoes should be:

– your size

– light

– they should “breathe”

– and don’t forget about amortization, this is what protects your spine and joints

– the shoe insert should have a special small bump in the middle that helps you to fix a flat-foot and prevent it from coming back.

To start running you will have to change your schedule, and get up a little earlier. But a good run will make your day, it will increase your mood, help you wake up and stay active. And this is very important if you want to achieve success in your job and / or relationship. It is all about feeling good and healthy.