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The wave of violence against the Arabs after the terrorist attacks in the USA growing in the west. The number of the cases of the religious confrontation proves that fact.

In the suburbs of Chicago the group of rebellious young adults organized the protest in the area of Arab citizens. They shouted the slogans against Arabs and made the debacle. According to the police officials reports the three people were arrested.

The police of Indiana investigates the case of the attacks against the Arabs. The owner of the car wash of Yemen origin claims that he was attacked by an unknown white man with a gun. The other individual businessmen of the Arab origin were also attacked. The aggressors broke the windows of the houses and crashed the cars with the stones. As one of the Muslim women reports her family born the horrifying time during that night. The streets were crowded. The white people with covered faces shouted out the insulting words. The Islamist Informational Center states that there was a packet with the pork blood left at the main entrance of the Islamist Center in San-Francisco.

Many of the manifestations against Islam end up in violation of the public order. In the suburbs of Dallas the rebels threw several glass bottles charged with the explosive substance into the windows of the local Muslim community center. The leaders of the Islamist expatriate community of the US ordered the imams not to carry out the Friday service for the first time. Some Muslim schools extend their holidays. The Muslim sacred things stored in Washington are taken under the forced security.

The anti Arab movement has even reached the far Australia as reported by Reuters. In Melbourne the unknown aggressors throw the school bus with the stones and intended to set up the mosque on fire. The prime minister of Australia John Howard promised to control the situation and prevent the spread of anti Islamist attitudes. The officials try to retain the political correctness and to cease the tension between the western and the eastern countries. The leaders of the western states keep giving promises to provide the comfortable and safe life for the natives of the Arab territories. Some groups or citizens however can’t agree with these statements and express the intolerant behavior towards the Muslim people. The activist groups supporting the idea of “the mega revenge” claim that they have the intentions to edge out the Islamist expatriate communities from their cities.

The mass media is currently fulfilling the campaign that is aimed to restore the positive image of the Islamist society. The tragic of the average Muslim citizens are broadcast via the radio and television and show the difficulties of the innocent people. The educational programs that are developed to teach the schoolchildren the tolerant attitude towards the representatives of various religions and nations are launched at schools. Only the time will show for sure if these projects and measures turn out to be a success or not.