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Deciding between different European countries you may accidentally neglect the capital of Latvia. Visiting Riga you may discover lots of interesting places and facts about the city. Staying in the city you should see the Old Town, the Dome Cathedral, the Dome Square, St. Peter’s church. Your trip would be worthless if you do not visit amazingly beautiful Art Nouveau District. It is believed that the area comprises more than 850 buildings of Art Nouveau style. So it is supposed to be the largest area in whole Europe. Mostly these buildings were erected in the late 19th century. It is obvious that it would be almost impossible to see all the houses. So focus your attention mainly on Elizabetes, Alberta, Strelnielu and Antonijas streets where you would found marvelous architectural masterpieces. If you have enough time visit Riga Art Nouveau museum located on Alberta street, 12.

If you are interested in history and art you may also visit pretty interesting Porcelain museum. The collection consists of manufactured porcelain. You would learn the history of porcelain production in the country. Moreover you have a chance to get acquainted with the principles of manufacture participating in workshop. The Ethnographic Open-Air museum includes the collection of historical dwellings. Museum of the Occupation of Latvia is devoted the times when Latvia was occupied by the Nazi and Soviets. Pretty unusual Motor museum is also located in the capital of the country. Visiting it you may see various motor vehicles. Among them are Latvian cars, cars of the Soviet era, Mercedes and even Rolls Royce. Moreover the collection includes several cars of Soviet leaders.

Riga is known as a place full of Lutheran and Orthodox churches. Among them are St. John’s church, St. Saviour’s Anglican church, St. Jacob’s Catholic church, Riga Cathedral, Riga Orthodox Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, Grebenshchikov Church, and many others.

If you have enough with the history and bored with the standard tourist views then you may visit an unusual mental hospital-themed restaurant Hospitalis. By the way the local cuisine is pretty tasty being influenced by German and Russian traditions. The restaurant is located in the Old Town (Tirgonu, 4). The idea of the restaurant is insane. Its interiors imitate mental hospital and were made of medical stuff of Soviet era. Having a dinner over there you may ask the staff to strap you so that the nurses would feed you. You may also visit gynecologist or dental cabinet. By the way the President of Riga (who is a doctor) refused to have a dinner in the restaurant probably because the place is too realistic. You may also try meals of special crazy menu. But in this case you have to eat with surgical instruments not cutlery. The prices like in many other bars and restaurants are quite reasonable.

If you feel exhausted and need to relax then visit Mezaparks (Forest Park) located in the outskirts of the city. Wandering around the area you will find beautiful residents of aristocrats of the pre-war era.