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The famous center of contemporary arts was closed down on 4 September. In the late 1980s a huge building was located on the territory of German Democratic Republic. It housed theater, cinema, restaurant and a variety of different galleries and workshops. At the very beginning of the 1990s more and more artists were attracted to the place. Soon after the center became an actual tourist attraction. In fact many artists were simply squatters and the building became a huge warehouse. It prevented city development plans.

The official owner of the center HSH Nordbank decided to shut down the center and put the building for sale.

The five-storey building of Tacheles was opened over 100 years ago in 1909. It served as a shopping arcade at the time. In 1928 the shopping center bankrupted and was sold to AEG company. When the Nazis came to the rule the building was transformed into an administrative office. They say that during World War II the war prisoners were interrogated in the building.

In the 1980s the authorities tried to restore the building. They managed to demolish one of the wings of the building. In fact authorities didn’t have enough money to finish the restoration of the building. In the 1990s artists refused to leave the building that served as a squat for many of them. They protested against its demolition. Tacheles became a center of alternative art. “The Arthouse Tacheles is an example of self-motivated work by citizens who decided to stand up for their ideals”, says Dr. Daniel Dahm, urban planning specialist. Any attempts to preserve the art center failed and on 4 September it was finally shut down. When the police arrived to the place no one protested against their actions. A few musicians left the building soon after they saw police officers.