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The Dutch are declared to be the happiest nation in the world. They practically do not emigrate and do not suffer from depressions. So, if you want to receive a portion of optimism, Denmark is your best travel destination.

443 Dutch islands and the peninsula of Jutland are situated in the Baltic and North Seas, but Golf stream makes the climate of this country pretty friendly, especially in the summer. In Copenhagen, the capital of the country, there are a lot of straits, channels and lakes and you can travel across them on sea buses which are called Vandbus. You can also visit an independent country Christiania which is inhabited by hippies and where the Statue of Liberty with pacifist sign is situated. If you are a fan of Shakespare, visit Kronborg castle where the heroes of “Hamlet” are supposed to have lived their tragic lives.The main shopping street in Copenhagen is Stroget where you can find all world known brands. Denmark, however, is famous for its own designers so do not miss an opportunity to visit Martene Birger, Bruuns Bazaar and Munthe plus Simonesen.

From Copenhagen you can travel to Odense, the capital of the island Fyn. This region is often called “The Dutch Caribs”. Odense is the city of Andersen as there the famous fairy-teller was born. You can visit the house where he was born and the house where he spent his childhood. When you will see the picturesque scenery of the town you will understand where Andersen has found his inspiration.

National Dutch food is a huge sandwich which is called smorrebrod. Caramel bananas and fried red oranges are the desserts which are also worth tasting.

In Denmark you can also enjoy the charm of white nights or see the Queen Margaret II somewhere on the market or buy designer’s clothes. This kingdom is so sweet and nice that you feel at home there.