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What seems to you just to be wonderful could seem just terrible to your girlfriend. Girls do love surprises. For them it is an important part of a relationship. And if you can not spring surprises it may make her feel even disappointed. But be careful. If you fail it may turn out a disaster. Of course it depends. Anyway spontaneity could hurt.

If you really want to surprise her then you should ask her friends what she likes and what she doesn’t. Probably some things may hurt her feelings reminding about the past relationship or events. Quite often girls pay too much attention to it. So your mistake could be worth much.

Do not present her home appliances even she needs some of them. You may simply buy it. It is not a gift. It is just something you may afford to buy. Sometimes bunch of flowers would be much better for her than a new coffee mill that she needs. Aprons, screwdrivers and cookbooks are excluded as well. She would accept it as if she is obliged to be a housekeeper. Well, a wrong gesture!

Teddy bears are not the best choice as well. It is nice and cute and mainly intended for 13-years-old teenagers. Otherwise it looks ridiculous. Toys are for children. Chocolate is not a very good gift also especially if she keeps a diet.

If you really get confused and want to please her then you may just ask her what she wants. Of course your girlfriend wants you to guess. But sometimes guessing games are “dangerous”. Just in case.

Some girls do not like to express intimacy in public. They are to moralistic or something like that. So do not be too pushy or persistent. Love public performances are not for her. It may insult her. It means she prefers to keep intimate relationship behind closed doors.

Instead of it you’d better be more attentive to her staying at home. It means you’d better to give her backrub. If she works hard and feels tired it would be the only thing she was dreaming about. Of course you are tired as well and would like to play video games. Well, just think it over.

Not many girls are impressed by handmade stuff. The same concerns the situation when too romantic boys write poems and devote them to their significant others. Well, it is funny really. Your partner could be less romantic and more realistic.