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The rapid development of the information technologies and computer networks have crucially changed the vital environment and the psychology of the modern human beings. Television, internet and other means of mass media are not only taking the leading positions in organizing the leisure and entertainment for the people but also influence their life views, expectations and attitude towards themselves, the other people or various situations and events of their lives. Along with that the extension of the virtual world leads to the contraction of the objective reality. The newly introduced cyber space areas and cyber communities appear to be the substitutes for the people's natural social networks partially or totally. The natural social networks for a human being is his or her friends, colleagues, relatives or occasional acquaintances.

In the most distinctive manner these features are shown by the gamers. The rules and conditions of online computer games imply the daily attending of the gaming portal, supporting and extending the binds with other gamers, planning and carrying out the strategy of the individual game which is aimed to rise the status of the gamer.

The results of the scientific research carried out by the Russian psychologists and psychiatrists show that the gamers who are addicted to WoW are characterized by making efforts to develop their gaming possibilities and the devotion to their clan. They tend to gain more influence and authority in their group. The gamers who are fond of LineAge2 acquire friendly binds and acknowledgment of the mates but along with that they aim to develop their gaming skills and increase their status by all means. The WoW gamers tend to express themselves during the game using their unique style and feel the value of their personality.

The fans of LineAge2 suppose that communicative and relaxing side of the game is more important. This information was published during the 5th meeting of the Russian Association of Psychologists.